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A Whole New Look

Are Your Looking For Something Your Heart Desires?
Maybe Your Heart & Soul Desires More Than You Thought!

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Be Bold, Be Daring

Illuminated Sparkles Diamond

Illuminated Sparkles Diamond Brand offers you a New and Fantastic Brand of Different Products!

You Desire, Jewelry or maybe even some Accesoires or More? Then take a tour through the jewelry or the other catagories of Illuminated Sparkles Diamond or Through The Reseller catagories, you might find something you desire more than you ever thought!

Jewelry, Accesoires, Little Extra Fashion, Kid’s, Electronic’s, or More.. and Reseller Products of No-Name-Brands or Other Brands!


Illuminated Sparkles Diamond is Focused on Fashion and Real Jewelry and Gemstones on the Beginning of The Making Journey!

Illuminated Sparkles Diamond is Building Slow with Products!


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Money Back

Sales are always ongoing on some products, just view the products and see what you might find and what your heart might desire!

DHL, UPS, FedEx, Hermes, Deutsche Post, United States….. and Normal NoName Shipping Methods Possible, Some without Tracking and Some with Trackings, depending which methods you pick. Shipping Cost will be added!

Shipping Policy

14 Day of Money Back and Refund Guarantee, if The Product does not match your Expectations. The 14 Day Money Back Guarantee is just valid, for product’s received and send back with in 14 days of time, after the product got received, with no own damages caused, by the moment unpacking the received product! Product’s Damaged Through own causes, are not to be refunded and the money back guarantee is invalid and not permitted to be refunded.

14 Days Refund & Money Back Guarantee Policy